Thursday, July 2, 2009


I am excited to have some new followers!

The whole idea of followers intimidated me at first. But it's very motivating to know that people are reading my posts. Now I love having followers and getting comments.

I tend to be very quiet in person, and sometimes I'm not sure if I'm following the correct blogging etiquette.

  • Should I follow each follower?
  • Should I respond to each comment?

I just don't know. If I don't do it right, please be patient with me. I'm new at this. Plus I'm old. It's a miracle that I even know what a blog is.

Anyway, I thought that I would introduce you all to a few of my wonderful followers. Pop by their blogs if you like! You can tell them I sent you.

1. Heather is a new follower, a young mom with 4 little ones, and one of the most amazing people I know. She home schools, takes beautiful photographs, and posts weekly menus. Her days clearly have more than 24 hours in them.

2. Amanda is also a young mom. She claims to be a professional cook, but I suspect that she is actually a comedy writer in disguise. You're not fooling anyone, young lady.

3. Bruce is another writer in disguise. If you are a baby boomer like me, you will relate to his posts. Even if you're not, you will get a chuckle or two.

4. Lesley is my evil twin. She writes about politics but tries to keep it funny. With our politicians, it's not that hard. If you think President Obama is doing a good job, give her blog a try! If not, avoid this blog at all costs. It will only make you mad. Just ask my family.



Jim said...

Thanks for the feedback and keep doing your thing. Nice blog site. I like it. Go Obama Go!

Fran Hill said...

Amanda is one of my favourites, too, as are you. You are both genuinely laugh out loud funny. Keep at it. I don't know about blogiquette either. I don't think anyone's written the rules yet. So there's your chance!

Amanda said...

Oh stop! No, don't....

I love reading your blog Lesley as well as you Fran. You both crack me up.

Thank you for including me Lesley. Yes, I do cook and I'm damn good at it, but so damn sick of it.

I love to write and WISH I could make a few pennies doing it...

As far as etiquette, your guess is as good as mine. I'm new at this too!

Bruce Coltin said...

Sorry for being late. First, thanks for the plug. I very much appreciate it. Second, I'm glad you brought up the question of how is one supposed to behave in blogland?

I don't comment on every post, because I don't always have something to say, even if I happen to enjoy the post. I'm usually not one for small talk.

You know by now who the people are who are part of your blog community. The're reading you whether they comment or not.

I think the idea (for all of us) is to keep working on delivering good content, as much for ourselves as for others -- to keep advancing our writing and building our audience.

And I confess that, while I automatically follow someone who is following me, I don't necessarily read some of those blogs. There's no honest way that we can say that we're interested in what everyone has to say, or how they choose to say it.

You've started what could be a very interesting ongoing discussion. You should keep it going and try to elicit honest responses.

And, you could have fun with it, in your own way. If you know what I mean. Of course you do.


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