Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kreativ R Us

(i am definitely the kreativ type)

I am happy to accept a Kreativ Blogger award from Fran, who writes witty posts on Being Miss when she is not riding buses around the English countryside.

Normally I'm not very good at the award thing. I lose track of them. I don't know all that many bloggers, so it's hard for me to pass the awards along. And I just don't follow rules very well.

But I have had a very busy week and my brain is tired, so I'm going to play along for a change! Though I don't plan to follow the rules.

First, I'm supposed to nominate 7 blogs for the award. I don't want to pick favorites, so if you are a follower, consider yourself nominated! Congratulations! If you're not a follower but you love awards, sign up to follow and then go ahead and grab it. Congratulations to you too!

Now, I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about myself. Let's see ...

1. My hair is totally out of control. Always.

2. I love to shop but I very rarely buy anything.

3. I either work very very hard, putting in long hours writing advertising copy, or I totally goof off all day long. Not much in between.

4. Fortunately, I am a freelancer so as long as I get my projects done on time, nobody cares which type of day I am having.

5. I could never work in an office. I can't imagine spending 8 consecutive hours doing anything, much less writing copy.

6. Though perhaps if someone paid me a handsome salary and full benefits, I might reconsider.

7. But only if I had every other week off, and I could wear my Dallas Cowboys t-shirt and raggedy blue sweatpants to the office. Otherwise forget it.

There! Do you feel like you know me a little better? I hope so. Thanks again for the award, Fran! It was fun.



Lily said...

I do feel like I know you better. Congrats on the award!

Amanda said...

Oh you are just so darn "Kreativ" aren't you?

Congratulations on your wonderful award! I'm never too good at these award things but it is VERY nice to be recognized by fellow bloggers isn't it?

Fran Hill said...

I refuse to believe the hair-all-over-the-place thing unless you change your blog photo ....

Friko said...

Hi Lesley
Blogging is brilliant; because you came to me I found you! Via Fran, possibly? Thanks for visiting.
I have just looked at a couple of your posts and I can see that I'm going to like it here. I am all in favour of humour, irony, irreverence and a bit of seriousness thrown in now and then. But laughing at situations you can't change is definitely good.

See you!

Lazy Writer said...

My hair is wildly out of control also. It takes a lot of work to reign it in (which I don't bother with most of the time). Congrats on the award!

Lesley said...

Lily and Amanda: Thanks! The award came just in time, because I was at a loss for things to ramble about.

Fran: Funny you should mention my blog photo! I had JUST gotten my hair in place when my hubby snapped the picture. Immediately afterwards it poofed and frizzed and went back to its normal messy state. Really.

Friko: Welcome! I look forward to reading your blog more, as well!

Lazy Writer: See Fran's comment to me. Isn't it nice that we can capture these fleeting moments in time? lol


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