Monday, September 28, 2009

Fantasy Shopping League

(half off? you just scored 100 points!!)

My hubby belongs to a Fantasy Football League. It sounds like lots of fun, except for one little thing: I don't like football.

I've spent hours (ok, minutes) trying to learn the rules and I've strained my eyes trying to follow the ball and I've wracked my brain trying to understand why one 250-pound person running directly into another 250-pound person might possibly be considered a good idea. It's no use.

Football does not pass the Needles In My Eye Test.

But shopping! That's another story. So I have decided to start my own Fantasy Shopping League.

Sunday was my first day. It went really well!

~ I found a $40 sweater at Macy's, on sale for half off - Yes, shopping fans, that's 100 points!!
~ I tried on a super-cute dress that was full price at $129 and WALKED AWAY without buying it. Add 500 points!! Yay me!!
~ And joy oh joy, I discovered that my favorite J.Jill store is back in business, after closing down a couple of months ago - Gimme 1000 points!! Boo-ya!!

I think I'm on to something here. Whaddya think, girls? Want to join my league? Meet me at Willow Bend Mall in North Dallas next Sunday at noon and I'll show you the ropes.



Lazy Writer said...

Great idea! If only I lived in Dallas...

Rae said...

Sorry, I would rather watch football.

Fran Hill said...

I would, but I'm okay for ropes at the moment, thanks. Good idea, though.

Lily said...

I'm on the sofa with Rae. I hate shopping!

Lesley said...

You guys are so funny. Clearly you haven't experienced competitive shopping! There's excitement, tension, people bumping into each other - everything except the cheerleaders!


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