Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Choir That Couldn't Sing: Part 4

(how to turn a 9 hour flight into a 27 hour ordeal)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard Northwest Flight 666! We will be making a quick stop in Boston, and then it's on to beautiful Rome, Italy.

I understand we have a choir on board - no, no, don't start singing - please take your seats. Please. We all heard you singing in the airport. Just sit back and relax. We'll be leaving shortly.

... an hour later ...

Ladies and gentlemen, we do apologize for the slight delay. It looks like we're ready to go now!

(the plane begins to back up, makes an alarming grinding sound, and rolls to a stop)

... an hour later ...

Well, we have word from the cockpit that our engine problem is all fixed! Fine and dandy. Nothing to worry about. However, our legal department has asked me to inform you that you do have the option of leaving the plane if you are at all uncomfortable with the idea of flying with a refurbished engine.

Plus I have these little waivers for you to sign.

And by the way we've already missed our connection. But nothing to worry about!! Que sera, sera!

... 3 hours later ...

We are about to begin our descent into Boston. Please prepare for landing. Good news! We have plenty of seats available on our 8 pm flight to Dublin, and then it will just be a hop skip and a jump to Rome!

... long wait ... long flight to Dublin ... another long wait in the extremely cold Dublin airport in the middle of the freaking night .... long flight to Rome ...

... and then the tour began ...



Fran Hill @ Being Miss said...

Not good. I bet that re-choir-ed real patience. Boom boom.

The Retired One said...

Oh, good Lord...I would have needed them to pass out rosaries instead of waivers!!! This story/experience just keeps getting better and better!

Hans said...

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Lesley said...

Fran: haha!

Retired One: Glad you're enjoying it!

Hans: What are you talking about? No, don't tell me.


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